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How to solve Power Quality Problems associated with equipment malfunctions or failures

Among the most frequent disturbances, voltage dips and short interruptions are at the top of the list and they may interfere with proper operation of a large number of electric, electronic equipment and even entire processes. Thus, residential, commercial and industrial loads may be more sensitive to common network disturbances if precautions are not taken in the design stage. This technique can be used to solve issues with loads being affected by any type of Power Quality disturbances, coming from the supply or generated by other loads. An article on how to correct Power Quality problems generated by loads will come soon.

Depending on the type of equipment malfunctions or failures, different protection devices or ride through techniques can be used to economically increase immunization to disturbances at acceptable levels.

Several steps are needed to determine whether the implementation of a solution is required. The next figure illustrates an effective step-by-step Power Quality problem solving technique for large commercial or industrial loads affected by disturbances. Consequently, the problem solving process is a lot simpler for smaller loads. For now we will concentrate our efforts on larger loads.

Step-by-Step  Power Quality Problem Solving Technique

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