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Price and Performance Considerations for Harmonic Solutions

I found this excellent paper written in 2000 and decided to share with you.


Daniel J. Carnovale, P.E.
Eaton | Cutler-Hammer
Moon Township, PA
Thomas J. Dionise, P.E.
Eaton | Cutler-Hammer
Warrendale, PA
Thomas M. Blooming, P.E.
Eaton | Cutler-Hammer
Minneapolis, MN


This paper assumes that the reader has some basic knowledge of power system harmonics. As a simple refresher – the general acceptable explanation is that harmonic currents flow or are “sourced” from loads and create voltage distortion (or harmonic voltages) as they pass through upstream power system impedance components such as cables, transformers, and generators. In general, the further away from the source of harmonic currents (i.e. the loads), the less voltage distortion you will see. Certainly exceptions exist and harmonic voltages may be “produced” by some equipment (some generators, for example) but the general discussion of this paper deals with standard considerations when dealing with typical harmonic producing loads in commercial and industrial power systems. Continue reading