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All about Denis Ruest P.Eng.

Denis Ruest P. Eng. Denis Ruest created this site to fill a gap in the field of Power Quality.  M. Ruest created a community site where experts and non experts join to discuss about Power Quality problems and how to find solutions.  He does not have any products to sell which lead to understand that his comments are always neutral.  His principal strength is to identify the source of Power Quality problems and finding economical and efficient solutions.  Companies can promote themselves on this site with advertisement and the Business Directory.  Companies can also submit job listings in the Power Quality field. Proceeds will help maintain the site and possibly travel to Power Quality Conferences so I can keep you inform of what is coming and on new techniques.

Denis was born in the province of New-Brunswick, Canada.  His first language is French, followed by English and Spanish.

In 1985, M. Ruest completed his Masters degree in Applied Science in the field of industrial and power electronics at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. M. Ruest has more than 16 years of experience in Power Quality.  Here are his major accomplishments in the Power Quality field:

  • Reports on mitigation devices to solve Power Quality problems.
  • Development of a Sag measurement equipment.
  • Responsible for a Canadian sag and short interruption measurement campaign.
  • Instigator and responsible for the first Custom Power Quality Industrial Park project in Canada.
  • More than 30 Power Quality analysis at customer facility to recommend economical and efficient solutions.
  • International Power Quality audits on reliability of Wind Generators (US and Northern Ireland).
  • Solve a multitude of Industrial Flicker Problems.
  • Develop spread sheets to calculate Flicker as per IEC standard.
  • Revised and created local Power Quality standards.

Please note that the site has nothing to do in any way with Denis Ruest’s present employer.

Major reports and publications

1)     Norme E.21-13 “Exigences techniques relatives à la protection et à l’émission de perturbations des installations de clients raccordées au réseau de distribution d’Hydro-Québec”, décembre 2003.

2)     “Guide sur la compatibilité électromagnétique”, décembre 2003, document pour la clientèle d’affaire d’HQ.

3)     “La compatibilité entre les équipements et l’alimentation électrique”, Article paru dans “Électricité Québec” au printemps 2003

4)     “La compatibilité électrique charge vs réseau”, décembre 2002, revue “Le technologue”.

5)     “Appareils de mitigation pour les réseaux MT et BT”, rapport IREQ-98-151, décembre 2000 (rev. 2)

6)     “Mesure des creux de tension et des interruptions brèves selon l’UIE”, rapport IREQ #96-107, novembre 1996

7)     “Voltage Dips Generated by User’s Equipment, CEA 220 D 983”, rapport ACE, février 1997.

8)     D. Ruest, G. Allard, “Voltage Dips Generated by User’s Equipment, CEA 220 D 983”, 16ième conférence sur la planification en distribution, octobre 1996.

9)     36 rapports de mesure des sites de la campagne de mesure des creux de tension et d’interruptions brèves 93-96.

10)   “Régulateur de tension rapide à semi-conducteur (avant projet)”, rapport IREQ #96-282, version préliminaire en février 1997.

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15)   D. Ruest, G. Sybille, M. Rousseau, “Capacitive Coupling Systems (SCC) to Provide Reliable HV Tapping”, The First International Conference on Power Distribution, Belo Horizonte, Brésil, novembre 1990.


Dragon boat (Corporate teams manager for 5 years), alpine skiing, hiking, rollerblading, traveling, golf, cycling and reading.