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Harmonic Mitigation Techniques Applied to Power Distribution Networks

Source: Advances in Power Electronics
Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 591680, 10 pages

Faculty of Engineering, Sohar University, P.O. Box 44, 311 Sohar, Oman

Academic Editor: Hadi Y. Kanaan


A growing number of harmonic mitigation techniques are now available including active and passive methods, and the selection of the best-suited technique for a particular case can be a complicated decision-making process. The performance of some of these techniques is largely dependent on system conditions, while others require extensive system analysis to prevent resonance problems and capacitor failure. A classification of the various available harmonic mitigation techniques is presented in this paper aimed at presenting a review of harmonic mitigation methods to researchers, designers, and engineers dealing with power distribution systems. Continue reading

Technical Methods for the Prevention and Correction of Voltage Sags and Short Interruptions inside the Industrial Plants and in the Distribution Networks

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Author: Nicolás Louzán Pérez, Manuel Pérez Donsión1 1Department of Electrical Engineering E.T.S.I.I., Vigo University Lagoas – Marcosende, 36202 Vigo (Spain)


1. Introduction

The classical disruptions present in the distribution network and inside the industrial plants, the influx of digital computers and other types of electronic controls used by industries to achieve maximum productivity, the increase of the power based on renewable energy and the reduced redundancy in lines and substations, has a negative impact over the medium and low voltage distribution network power quality, as well as in the industrial customer installations. Continue reading