Conductive Noise (HIOKI)


Conductive noise is electrical noise spreading from various paths. It spreads from the transient overvoltage (lightning strike surge), electrostatic, high-order harmonics, etc. through the power supply, signal and grounding cables. Also, noise generated by magnetic fields is called “radiation noise”.

Conductive Noise 1


  • Equipment malfunction or damage
  • Receiving problems with TV and radio signals in the neighborhood


Conductive noise is often high frequency noise. As such, the following measurement scan be effective. In addition, you can cover up to 100MHz of frequency by using HIOKI Model 3144-20 Noise Search Tester or 3145-20 Noise HiLogger.

  • Transient overvoltage – Generated by lightning strikes, switching from generation to consumption, grid switching, etc. This can cause malfunction to equipment and solar power generation systems, etc.
  • Harmonics, High-order harmonics
  • Waveform distortion

Conductive Noise 2

Source : Guidebook for Power Quality Measurement, HIOKI E.E. Corporation