Low voltage (Microplanet Technology Corp.)

The Need

One of the largest energy utilities in Australia was experiencing extreme power quality issues in the most remote parts of its system. While their Single Wire Earth Return systems were very cost effective to serve these very rural areas, power quality was poor, lights flickered, and voltage was unstable and very low. Customer complaints were numerous and repair costs mounted.

MicroPlanet Solution

Ergon Energy turned to MicroPlanet, who developed their Low Voltage Regulator product for use in Ergon’s outback distribution network. Using patented designs, MicroPlanet developed a voltage regulator that could, without any additional generation or storage requirements, increase voltage to end users. This solution proved extremely cost-effective and has become a standard item in Ergon’s stores catalogue.

Subsequently, Ergon asked MicroPlanet to solve the persistent problem with flicker. Developing new and extremely fast, precise and accurate sampling algorithm which samples at sub-cycle speeds, MicroPlanet was able to solve the flicker problem and enable regulation with precision heretofore unheard of in its second generation LVR. Over several years, Ergon has purchased over $5 million worth of Low Voltage Regulators from MicroPlanet.

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