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Voltage Reduction CleantechIt is estimated over 90% of all worldwide facilities operate at voltages higher than required for optimum operation of electronic equipment. This is a normal occurrence which results from the basic design of local distribution networks, fulfilling the requirement to deliver minimum voltage to users at the far ends of the network. Unfortunately, however, the 90% of users who receive higher than necessary voltage unknowingly waste electricity in the form of excess heat in electronic components. This phenomenon occurs throughout the world. For example, the United States compliance standard defines the phase to neutral voltage as 120V or 277V with an allowed tolerance of +/- 5%. The US average voltage is 121V or 279V where an ideal optimized voltage is 114V or 263V. The declared supply voltage within the United Kingdom is 230V +10%/-6% or between 216.2V and 253V. The United Kingdom’s average grid voltage is 242V and much higher than an ideal optimized voltage of 216V.

MicroPlanet Voltage Optimization Solutions

Voltage optimization is now a commonly deployed conservation technology with installations at hundreds of thousands of worldwide customer sites. Typical deployments for voltage optimization include installations on new building construction and existing facilities for Commercial, Industrial, Public, Government, and Retail sectors.

MicroPlanet’s patented technology optimizes (and in this case, reduces) voltage to within ½ volt of a customer-designated set point. For each 1 volt reduced, customers can save approximately 1% of their electricity consumption. MicroPlanet can achieve these results due to the extreme speed and precision of its voltage regulation technology. At a typical installation, MicroPlanet’s products take excessive and unstable voltage supplied by the grid down to a smooth and predictable point, as seen on the chart of an actual deployment. Depending on existing conditions, MicroPlanet can deliver up to 15% reduction in energy consumption and costs.

Voltage optimization is the most economical and first choice in energy conservation measures to lower energy bills, be the primary technology in reducing community carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions, protecting facility electrical equipment from harmful transient voltage conditions, and reducing maintenance costs while extending the life of electrical equipment.

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