Reliable Power keeps airport online (Reliable Power Inc.)

Halifax International Airport Authority

The Scenario

As part of the main incoming power distribution continuous upgrade underway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, the Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) identified a requirement for one (1) 125Vdc station battery and one (1) 125Vdc station battery charger. HIAA requests qualified firms review their project requirements and provide quotations for the supply and delivery of the equipment as specified.

The Challenge

The HIAA requires the extensive use of the substation throughout the network. The purpose of the substation is to provide voltage transformers, switching and protection. The protective devices are used to detect faults on the network and operate circuit breakers to deflect the fault.

The Solution

The key to successful operation and protection of the substation and downstream network is the reliable operation of the protection and control systems. HIAA choose Reliable Power to provide one (1) 125Vdc battery and one (1) 125Vdc station battery charger which would provide an ongoing power source for the Substation.


In September of 2010 the charger and battery bank was successfully commissioned by Reliable Power Systems Inc and now provide HIAA a crucial power supply which is in use today. For more information about this application please feel free to contact our office anytime.

Source : Reliable Power