2014 13th annual PQSynergy™ – Energy Efficiency-Power Quality-Smart Grid

19 May 2014 – 22 May 2014 all day
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai
Ms. Nipaporn Smanthong
+662 373 6340

The 13 th annual PQSynergy International Conference and Exhibition PQSynergy is held in Thailand during March 2014. For 13 years, PQSynergy has hosted presentations from around the world on the state of the art of Power Quality | Energy Efficiency | Smart Grid.

The Smart Grid will affect every aspect of the electricity supply business and it will influence the quality and reliability of the supply to the end users. One of the primary objectives of modernizing the electrical supply system is to improve the efficiency. You are invited to submit a technical paper related Power Quality, Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid on following topics.

Power Quality monitoring and solutions

  • Harmonics and filtering
  • Power Conditioning Methods
  • PQ Case Studies From Industry
  • Power Quality Instrumentation
  • Surge Suppression Technologies
  • Voltage Sag Mitigation Technology
  • Voltage Stability
  • Power Quality through Renewable

Generation Energy conservation and management

  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy saving devices or systems
  • Site Energy Audits and Analysis
  • Batteries and Battery Systems
  • Superconducting Magnetic Storage
  • Flywheels (high/low speed)
  • Ultra/Super Capacitors
  • Inverter Technology for Solar Plant
  • Improving Energy Efficiency 

Smart Grid topics

  • Intelligent Electronic devices
  • Grid sensors
  • Integration of data from multiple sources
  • Networking, communications and IT
  • The impact of the Integration of Green Power sources
  • The impact of SmartGrid technologies on Power Quality

Compatibility & Compliance

  • PQ Standards, Codes & Practices
  • PQ Testing and Measurements
  • IEEE and IEC Standard 

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