APEMC 2013 – Asia-Pacific International Symposium and Exhibition on EMC

20 May 2013 – 24 May 2013 all day
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Brunton Ave
Melbourne VIC 3002
+61 3 9645 6311

The symposium will cover the entire scope of electromagnetic compatibility and include emerging technologies.

Symposia and conferences are an important communication tool for researchers, scientists and engineers to stay in touch with each other and the wider community. The Asia-Pacific International Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility provides a platform for all interested in and affected by Electromagnetic Compatibility matters to meet, learn, and exchange ideas. The 2013 event will be hosted by the EMC Society of Australia and Engineers Australia in Melbourne and continue the successful series of symposia that has been started in Singapore in 2006.

It is my pleasure, as the Chairman of the 2013 APEMC Symposium, to invite you to contribute to and to attend this conference.

EMC issues won’t go away any time soon; to the contrary, adverse electromagnetic effects are becoming ever more common place. A basic understanding of electromagnetic coupling and propagation effects, of filtering and shielding principles, of EMC related printed circuit board design rules of testing and measurement procedures and many other phenomena, is essential to build electronic products and design systems that not only work, but do so without interfering with anything else. The 2013 APEMC Symposium is the ideal platform to keep you update.

As in previous years, the 2013 APEMC Symposium is targeting a diverse audience of academics and industry representatives, of experienced EMC experts and new-comers to the field, of persons with a particular problem in mind, or anybody who just needs to know what is going on in the scene. Whatever the background and reason to attend is, with presentations of theoretical and practical nature, with workshops, tutorials and an industry forum, with a trade exhibition and poster sessions, the technical program will be beneficial for a wide range of attendees.

Franz Schlagenhaufer

Symposium Chairman