CIGE’2013 International Conference on Electrical Engineering

17 November 2013 – 20 November 2013 all day
Bechar University
Bechar University
CIGE'2013 Secretariat
+213 49815581



CIGE Presentation

(Text translated from French)

CIGE’2013 for the International Conference on Electrical Engineering is an event of international magnitude, organized almost every two years. This year we celebrate the fifth edition. His watchwords were, are, will remain forever “For better control of potential energy with respect to the future of our children.”

The major issues in the history of the earth, usually revolved around the issue of ENERGY. Certainly, in the context of the development of processes and procedures addressing energy, humans have left traces. But the major concern for the survival and development in the future generations. It is in this context that the overall theme of the conference CIGE’2013. Leading experts are invited to present in plenary the world situation in all its aspects. In this framework, all researchers working in the field of electrical engineering are invited to contribute and share their research in the field. The overall theme of the conference revolves around:

  • – Power electronics
  • – The Electrical Energy
  • – Renewable Energies
  • – The Signal Processing.

Stakeholders develop around these subjects, their contributions in enriching the collegial dialogue between researchers in the same field. Our discussions will necessarily be a stimulus for continuity in the areas of research that we do. A synthesis is expected, it will demystify the constructive debate major issues and cause a burst of thoughts for objective a positive impact factor and value for future generations research. Great efforts are deployed to convince objectively;

  • – As soon as possible
  • – With all the technical evidence
  • – With portability of useful research on the long term.
  • – Dependence of the results of research on the area.
  • – The cost incurred
  • – Respect for the environment and local values
  • – The side effects if they exist.

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