CIRED 2015 – 23rd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution

15 June 2015 – 18 June 2015 all day
The Convention Centre of Lyon
50 Quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon
+32 (0)4 222 29 46

CIRED, the Leading Forum where the Electricity Distribution Community meets, holds the major International Electricity Conference & Exhibition every two years in different venues in Europe with a worldwide perspective and participation.

The 2015 EVENT will take place in Lyon, located in the heart of France on 15-18 June 2015.

Participation in CIRED 2015 offers an opportunity to meet with up to 1500 experts and benefits from face-to-face interaction with key decision leaders in the field of Electricity Distribution. This will be the chance to network with a wide range of delegates from utility, product, consultancy, service or business sectors of the distribution industry.

Session 2


Session 2 deals with power quality (PQ), with the more general concept of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and with some related safety problems in electricity distribution systems. Special focus is put on voltage continuity (supply reliability, problem of outages) and voltage quality (voltage level, flicker, unbalance, harmonics). This session will also look at electromagnetic compatibility (mains frequency to 150 kHz), electromagnetic interferences and electric and magnetic fields issues. Also addressed in this session are electrical safety and immunity concerns (lightning issues, step, touch and transferred voltages).

Power Quality
* Power quality in future distribution systems (including micro grids) with renewable distributed energy resources and associated storage systems
* Disturbances and interference due to new types of loads (heat pumps, lighting equipment, EV charging stations)
* Low frequency disturbances measurement, characterization and mitigation
* Management of voltage profile and voltage unbalance
* High frequency disturbances in the range 2 to 150 kHz
* Grid stability in case of reduced short circuit capacity and rotating inertia
* PQ management, planning, operating strategies and regulations, dealing with connection constraints
* Strategies to include PQ requirements in advanced distribution automation schemes
* Standardization of power quality indicators and information
* Big data, the challenge of PQ monitoring data management
* Application of storage systems for PQ management
* Interaction with DC collection grids and DC micro grids

Voltage dips and interruptions
* Regulatory and economic issues, customer outage costs
* Voltage dip immunity
* Ride trough of grid coupled invertors during dips
* Temperature monitoring for cables as approach to improve reliability

* High-frequency conducted disturbances and electromagnetic interference issues (EMI) up to 150 kHz, measurement techniques and limits
* Low frequency interference, impact on metallic installations (pipelines, communication lines)
* EMC of smart meters, power line communication, ripple control systems and smart electronic devices
* EMC evolution of apparatus during life time

* Electric and magnetic fields simulation, monitoring and standardisation
* Mitigation techniques (shielding, active compensation)

Safety issues
* Lightning overvoltages and lightning protection
* Earthing systems, step and touch voltages, neutral grounding practices
* Safety issues in smartgrids and microgrids, including island operation

Important dates

  • 12 September 2014 : deadline for abstracts submission
  • 3 November 2014  : notification of acceptance
  • 16 January 2015 : receipt of full papers
  • 27 April 2015 : early bird registration
  • 15-18 June 2015 : CIRED 2015 conference and exhibition

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