ICPEA 2013 – International Conference on Power Electronics and their Applications

18 November 2013 – 21 November 2013 all day
University Ziane Achour of Djelfa

Power Electronics are the key technology which is expected to
fulfill a major and widely applications ranging for industrial
applications to social infrastructure equipment, transportation systems,
and home and office appliances electronics equipment. Indeed, power
electronics are presenting significant technological opportunities which
will greatly enhance the role and value of electricity in all aspects
from generation to the end of use precisely according the requirements
of the load. It is well know that the basic functions of importance for
Power Electronics are power conversion, but theirs applications
area spread toward many other fields such as drives, power conditioning,
high speed control of electrical parameters, high speed circuit
interruption transfer, aviation electronics, high frequency
applications, the oil and gas and petrochemical industry, the cement
industry, water pumping stations, the traction applications and many
other areas. .

On the other side, Power Electronics have found widespread
applications in renewable energy that are expected to play a major role
in the conversion of alternative energy sources and interfacing them
with the power grid or any stand alone loads.  Therefore, new and highly
efficient power electronic technologies in conjunction with appropriate
control strategies are still needed to reduce massive waste and losses
of energy, to improve the grid power quality and to guarantee a rational
use of energy with low costs.

The ICPEA 2013 conference will provide to the industry engineers,
academic researchers, and students a practical and useful venue for
disseminating their new research work, to update their knowledge and to
determine the research needs of the industry and will offer participants
the opportunity to connect directly with other industry engineers and
academic researchers specialized in the domain of Power Electronics
and their applications. The ICPEA 2013 will give to all the
participants the opportunity to enrich their knowledge, ideas and future
perspectives about Power Electronics technologies, applications
and researches.

Conference Subjects:

T1: Semi conductor Devices
T2: Application of Power Electronics in Power Quality Issues
T3: Application of Power Electronics in Power Systems
T4: Renewable Energy Systems
T5: Power Electronics & Machine Control
T6: Application of Power Electronics Transportation
T7:Industrial Applications
T8: Power Electronics Professional & Education Development
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