Guidelines for producing Power Quality case studies for the web

Here are some guidelines to produce an informative Power Quality case studies that will help to sell your skills or mitigating solutions. These sections should be covered:

  • Introduction – The problem statement and the consequences
  • Analysis – what are the steps taken to analyze the problem
  • Solution – what solution has been chosen to mitigate the problem
  • Conclusion – show how effective is the solution


The introduction should present the audience the type of industry, what type of load is affected and the problem that needs to be addressed.


The analysis section describes the steps taken to analyze the problem, the instrument that were used, where they were installed and what was measured.  Since a picture is worth 1000 words, a schematic is always welcomed


This section gives detail on how and why a specific solution has been chosen.  Compare efficiency, specifications, payback analysis and selection constrains of different solution (space, losses, etc).


This section details how well the solution mitigate the Power Quality problem.  In addition, waveforms and data tables with and without the mitigation technique or device  are very useful to illustrate the issue and mitigation effectiveness.

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