How to use the forum

Welcome to the International Power Quality Discussion Forum !!

You can post and read all parts of the forum without registering. But registering for the forum is free and always will be.  Also, registering will give you more options such as file upload, an improved editor and forum updates when you subscribe to topics.  You will discover over time, the many possibilities that this forum offers you.

Is it a pleasure to have you onboard and hope that you will participate actively in our Power Quality Forum.

How to use the forum…

  1. Select a sub-forum where you would like to ask questions or contribute (just click the title)
  2. From this point it is quite strait forward, select add to add a topic
  3. When you are reading a topic, select the first add to add another topic or the second add to contribute to that specific topic.
  4. When you are logged in and in the editing window you have access to a Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor and have the possibility to download waveform snapshot files to illustrate different Power Quality phenomenons.
  5. When posting a message, it will take at least 10 minutes for it to come online, this is due to the catching software that is used to speed-up the display to give readers a pleasent forum experience.
  6. Once your message is online, it is translated in 16 languages !!  You can also write in your own language but writing in english will assure a better translation in other languages.

Updates to this section will be made when I receive more questions, So please contact me here for any information request.